In May, members of the Castle Rock High Noon Rotary Club gathered items to provide to our friends in the Navajo Nation as part of a long-term relationship our club has developed with the Navajo.  We have worked with them to improve water sources and provide dictionaries and other books to the children there.  The Elizabeth (Colorado) Locker Plant donated 250lbs of frozen beef.  Jill’s Feed and Country Store in Elizabeth donated pet food.  PetzLove Food’n Stuffz of Lone Tree also donated 15 huge bags of dog food!  Two members of our club, Denise Frazier and Sheri Rich drove a Penske rental van (heavily discounted by Penske) to Window Rock, Arizona to provide the product to the Navajo Nation Division of Community Development which distributed the product to medical outlets and those families most in need.  While much of the Navajo Nation is off limits to non-residents, our Rotarians were given special permission to travel into Navajo Land.  Midas of Castle Rock donated funds for supplies, gasoline and travel expenses.  Our Rotary Club donated funds and supplies, including gloves, masks and food to the cause as did friends Gene and Sharron Taylor and many other individual Rotarians and friends.From Left to Right:  Denise Frazier of Castle Rock High Noon Rotary Club who organized the project.  Two members of Navajo Nation Division of Community Development Navajo Nation - Attorney General Doreen McPaul and Deputy Attorney General Kimberly Dutcher.  Sheri Rich, member of Castle Rock High Noon Rotary Club and owner of 2 Midas locations in Castle Rock who joined the trip and contributed significant funds and goods to the project.